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Halloween Vampire Tip Tiger Teeth

Halloween Vampire Tip Tiger Teeth

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Product information:
Material: Resin
Process: manual
Color: beige, pure white
Size: 13mm 15mm 17mm 19mm

1. Put the white fixed wax into the tank of resin tooth socket.
2. Put the resin tooth socket together with the fixed wax with tweezers at about 70-80 degrees, and soak in hot water for about 15-30 seconds to make the fixed wax soft. Note that do not use boiling water or boiled water, otherwise the fixed wax will be soaked and cannot be used)
3. Put the resin tooth socket into your mouth and gently bite the resin tooth socket with the help of your hands. The soft fixed wax is pressed by teeth to adjust the shape in the user's mouth and match the tooth shape, thus playing the role of fixed setting.
4. If the setting effect is not good, repeat the setting until you are satisfied.
5. After using tooth socket each time, wash and dry it with clean water and save it well.

Packing list:
Braces X1Pair

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