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Natural Crystal Agate Gravel Loose Bead DIY Jewelry

Natural Crystal Agate Gravel Loose Bead DIY Jewelry

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Type: Beads
Processing technology: manual
Material: Natural crystal agate
Color: Golden Swan, Red Dongling, Green Dongling, Flower Green, White Porcelain, Pink Crystal, Tiger Eye Stone, Blue Vein, Black Agate, Green Gold, Red Leopard Skin, Red Stone, Picture Stone, Colorful Stone, Yellow Dongling, Turquoise, Amazon, Obsidian, White Crystal, White Pine, Grey Flash, Watermelon Red, Amethyst, Blue Dot, South Red Agate, Spot, Black and White Zebra, Green Dot, Red Agate, Aquatic Agate, Opal, Blue Tianzi, Pure Protein, Grade A amethyst, Imported Tianhe Stone, Grade A Green Gold, Malachite, Yellow Crystal, Jasper Seal, Huang Aobao
Model: 5-8mm, about 280 pieces (85cm)

Packing list:

Loose beads * 280pcs

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